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Raw Cow's Milk

Cable Creek Farm offers raw cow's milk for sale (ISDA permit #RCM 039) from our small herd of primarily Dutch Belted cows.  Our cows are raised/cared for with the following priorities:

  • Pastured - our cows have free access to 20-plus acres of pasture throughout the growing season, and we'll soon be doubling their acreage. 
  • They are supplemented with 100% non-gmo feed.  We feed alfalfa, oat hay, grass hay and barley.  All are produced by local farmers with 100% non-gmo seed. 
  • Low grain - we currently feed our cows approximately 5-7 lbs of grain/day at milking.  We're constantly evaluating this practice for health and efficacy and will notify you of changes, but our current practices are significantly less than standard dairy rations of up to 40/lbs of grain/day. 
  • Hormone-free.  We'll never use hormones.
  • Antibiotic-free.  We do treat our cows with antibiotics when necessary.  We use homeopathics, essential oils and other alternative treatments first.  However, culling a cow because she has an infection that doesn't respond quickly to natural cures in not an option on our farm.  We treat our cows with the same guiding principals that we treat ourselves.  Prevention first, alternatives second, traditional medicine when all else fails.   But we feel that traditional medicine is a much more humane approach than culling a cow simply because she doesn't respond to natural cures.  All antibiotics come with mandatory federal milk withdrawl requirements to ensure there is no residue in the milk and we adhere to these stringently.  Additionally, our milk is tested monthly by the State of Idaho to ensure compliance.

Our milk is unpasteurized, unhomogenized, and has a full, sweet cream top.  It is excellent for drinking and making cheeses and butter!

$4/half gallon* - bottled in half-gallon glass jars.  No chemicals, no plastics, no waste.

(*plus a $2/half gallon bottle deposit - refundable when bottle is returned)

See Raw Milk FAQ's here:

Currently selling milk from: Clover (Dutch Belted), Josephine (Dutch Belted), Oreo (Dutch Belted)


Our milk is currently available at these locations:


Cable Creek Farm - 3866 S. Stateline Rd, 3 miles south of I90 at Stateline.  Hours: Mon-Sat 10am-6pm, by pre-order only.  Closed Sunday.  Please e-mail or call to place an orders.  Same day orders filled when supply permits.


Kootenai County Farmer's Market - Saturdays from 9-1:30 at the corner of US95 and Prairie Ave.


Kootenai County Farmer's Market - Wednesdays from 4-7:30 near the corner of 5th and Sherman in downtown Coeur d'Alene. 

E-mail or call 208-773-3202 to place an order.


Bottle Returns:

We sanitize and reuse our glass bottles and caps.  Please return clean bottles and plastic caps with the labels removed to receive a full refund on your bottle deposit.  Please remove dry labels before washing as water makes them difficult to remove.