Breakfast Sausage Links

Small links with no casing (but still hold together well while cooking) with sage breakfast seasoning.  We only do 1-2 pigs a year this way (because we love them for our family!) as it requires shipping to an outside butcher.  1+ lb packages.

Reg. $8/pkg

SPECIAL: $6/pkg  (20 links)                       

10 packages per share

Fresh Jalapeno Sausage - Ground

Delicious, medium-hot sausage with fresh jalapenos.  Packaged in 1+lb chubs.

Reg. $6/pkg

SPECIAL: $4.50/pkg                          

10 packages per share

For Pork Sampler Packs and Whole/Half Hogs click here

Bratwurst !

Choose: Cheddar-Jalapeno, or Hot Italian.  Approx 1.5 lbs, 5-6 links ea.

Reg. $10.00/pkg

SPECIAL: $7/pkg             

6 pkgs per share


Orders will be available for pickup or delivery in October.  While supplies last only.  Page will be updated to reflect projected availability.  Pork is sold as "shares" of the whole pig (with number of pkgs per share listed). 

Sage Breakfast Sausage - Ground

The classic breakfast flavor. Packaged in 1+ lb chubs.

Reg. $6/pkg

SPECIAL: $4.50/pkg                                 

10 pkgs per share

Fall PORK Specials!