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Idaho Pasture Pigs are a newer breed of pigs that originated in Southern Idaho. They were bred with the goal of producing a moderate sized pig that gets more of it's nutrition from grass/pasture and does less rooting damage.  With this goal in mind, the founders crossed Berkshire (for meat quality), Duroc (for growth rate) and Kune Kune (for short noses and grazing ability) and bred the best offspring together for 7 generations, thus creating a new breed of pig.  


Idaho Pasture Pigs are now growing in number and popularity across the country for a variety of applications.  They make excellent homestead pigs, and work well in pasture-based systems.  Our pigs are raised on 100% non-GMO feed.  

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​Idaho Pasture Pigs!

From the Breed Founders:

Idaho Pasture Pigs ... were designed specifically for pasture based systems and with the small farmer, hobby farmer or homesteader in mind. Through selective breeding and unique breeding, we have developed a smaller, friendly, pasture based, meat pig. We have selected breeds known for excellent, red marbled meat and have thrown in an extremely gentle, pasture based pig. Our Idaho Pasture Pigs (IPP's for short) are friendlier than domestic pigs. The sows have better dispositions at farrowing time. The boars are gentle to handle. The piglets crawl into our laps instead of hurting themselves trying to get away, like traditional piglets do. Ipp's... are easy to handle. They have short snouts that are perfect for grazing.