OUR Leading ladies...

Clover (left): Our oldest cow, Clover is an excellent milker whose years of experience have given her a stubborn, somewhat grumpy demeanor that is quite endearing and makes her the farmer's personal favorite.  She is a Dutch Belted/Holstein cross and produces a perfect drinking milk with moderate cream.

Josephine (right): is a nearly perfect, 6-year old Dutch Belted cow who produces a light yellow milk with copious amounts of cream, leading us to suspect that she might have a touch of Jersey in her blood. 

Oreo (left): Our original belted cow, Oreo is one of only 200-300 purebred Dutch Belted cows in the whole US.  She produces a rich, sweet, lightly colored milk. 

Annie (below): A sweet girl with impeccable milking parlor manners, Annie is an excellent producer for her age and size.  She is also very watchful and protective of the calves.