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The pork is not to be missed! Unbelievable flavor. It's the first thing we eat! Bacon, chops, roasts, sausage, a delight.    

- Joyce B., Post Falls

Pastured Pork

*The hanging weight is the usable portion of the animal, as determined by the butcher's scale, and generally ranges from 170-200 lbs for the whole animal.  Freezer weight is approximately 75% of the hanging weight, with standard processing instructions.  Processing fees are approximately $110/half pig, $220/whole pig.  

"I just had my first taste of bacon from the pork sampler pack. UNBELIEVABLE!!! Can't wait to try the other cuts. Thanks Cable Creek for bringing such an amazing food to our area."
- Curt E., Coeur d'Alene


All the pigs on our farm have a job. Some are responsible for composting the cow's bedded pack, others help to graze and fertilize our pastures.  All are fed grass/hay, non-GMO alfalfa, and 100% local, non-GMO grains.

Our pork is always hormone/antibiotic-free, and is humanely harvested on-farm.

Sampler Pack - $199   *Only 1 left for 2018
This option is perfect for small families, those without much freezer space, and people wanting to “get their feet wet” before ordering pork by the side.  Our Sampler Pack is 1/4 pig and contains at least 30 lbs of pork, including cured bacon, breakfast sausage, chops, a shoulder roast, a small ham, and either ribs, sirloin chops or smoked hocks.  Our Sampler Pack takes the stress out of ordering your first pig and will give you a good taste of every standard cut!  30 plus lbs.  Butcher fees and free delivery (Spokane/CdA area) included.

$99 deposit, balance due upon delivery (click here to pay by check)

Whole or Half Pig - $3.00lb/$3.25lb hanging weight (+processing)

Purchasing a whole or half pig allows you to customize your order to best meet your needs.  This includes the ability to specify things like the number of chops per package, the size of your roasts, whether you want your ham/bacon cured or uncured - whole or sliced -  the type of seasoning in your sausage, saving lard for baking/cooking, etc...  It is the best way to fill your freezer with exactly what your household will use.  With the purchase of a whole or half pig, the processing costs are paid directly to the butcher.  ​(click here to pay by check)